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  1. I think that your dog will still be pretty sad during such a long flight, but I'm sure that the recovery won't take long because when I traveled to Russia with my dog, he was really mad at me, but after a day, everything was fine.
  2. Many of us probably feel that we are out of place and wanted to find a better life without the hated work. I myself worked for a long time in a place that I could not call a dream job. However, after many days of searching for a new job on the Internet, I was able to find a good site here. For me, this was a good solution to the problem in the search of lawyer postition. Now a lot of people are out of work after the lockdown. There are many job search services for such people. I hope that no one will be left without a job.
  3. Looool. But there are a lot of people that really believe that an Earth flat. Insane...
  4. Hahah, who's a good boy? A very cute dog
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