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  1. No. He gets much more than chicken feet. Lol. But I can see how you might have thought that. No I give him supplements that have glucosamine chondroitin omega-3s fatty acid. Calcium, vitamin C and E. MSM, hemp seed oil and powder and ALPO with beef chicken and pork proteins. He gets eggs when I make eggs for breakfast, chicken feet, peanut butter, apples, oranges, cheese treats and beneful snacks.
  2. Hi! Obtained this beautiful husky 3 months ago. From Day One, he's been true and faithful. I saw some podt or ad about someone feeding their dog chicken feet. That's what I get my dog. His name is Max and he's an Alaskan Malamute. 3 years old and still acts like a puppy. Nice to meet you all and looking forward to being part of watching and sharing happiness with our 4 legged husky children. I also am beyond trying to figure out what to do about the massive holes in our yard!!!! I have pretty given up. Anyone have any real ideas?
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