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  1. Thx for your tips! Yes we have a big yard! One of may questions I have now Is how tall with ages he gets? He is 4 1/2 months and 16 inches tall so far. Also his muzzle will it stretch and head will it get bigger by certain months? I know they seems silly Questions but I am so excited and eager to find out from other experienced owners!! Thx all in advance and you as well!!
  2. Nothing specific for now, I am sure I will be asking million of questions. I meant advices for a beginner 😂😂 training and/or what to expects from now on 😂 Thx 🙏 got you a follow back! Pleasure to meet you and glad to be in the Husky family community
  3. Thanks Diane! Your furry dog Blu is very cute too! Thanks for the warm welcome as well as the coming advices. 🙏🙏
  4. Hi all!! Giulio here from LA!! My wife, my son and I got our super cute puppy Husky 1 month ago and he is a week away from being 4 months old and his name is Sky!! I am here because I would love to get to know more of what I know about this beautiful breed! I am Sure Is the best place to get tips, feedbacks and more as well as share experiences and give that back as well! looking forward to meet lots of Husky owners and huskies as well! Also Sky has his own Instagram page (@sky_ice_eyes) where will share with the world and other huskies owner his journey, we would love to be part of his
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