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  1. Update: we are in the process of planning trip #2 with our pup (Luna). Her first road trip was at 12 weeks, and she is now almost 15 weeks. She did really well on her first trip (6 hours one way). No problems at all... she alternated between playing with her toys, and sleeping. I did ride in the back seat with her, and I think that was really helpful. We stopped after 2 hours but the location wasn't good - too much traffic and she was too nervous to do her business. We went a little farther to a quieter spot, and she went potty, had a drink, and stretched her legs. I won't say she loves being in the car, she more-so tolerates it, but she seems relaxed enough. Also, I believe that she must be a husky mix. She isn't fluffy like a husky. We don't care. We love her anyways. 🥰
  2. Our new husky puppy comes home in two weeks - she will be 8 weeks old. We have a vacation cabin that we visit at least once a month, and we also go RV-ing quite often. Our trips are usually anywhere from 3-6 hours, one way, with stays being 3-4 days. We plan to wait at least a few weeks, at a minimum, before taking our new baby on any long road trips, but we want her to get used to long car rides fairly early so that it's a fun and normal occurrence for her. My question is, should we wait longer, until she has acclimated to her new life with us, or should we dive right in, and introduce her to our lifestyle early? I don't want to do anything that will cause her a lot of undue stress. I want her to love road trips as much as we do! Thanks!
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