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  1. Hello everyone, The Husky is a very smart and rather large breed. I have met this breed outside, I find it very cute and am intending to buy myself one. But I don't know what this Husky should feed him? Hope everyone can let me know. Thanks everyone.
  2. I mean where this Husky breed comes from.
  3. Hello everyone, I am raising a Husky, really it is becoming a true friend of mine, I love it very much. My uncle Husky is very intelligent and obedient. Do not know where this Husy comes from? Can you tell me? Thanks everyone.
  4. Thanks for your opinion, it seems that raising a Husky is not easy, right? I will find out more.
  5. Hi everybody, I really love animals. I want to buy a Husky dog to raise. But I am wondering if my Husky can live in hot weather, because the weather where I live is quite hot. So I want to ask everyone to give me advice. Thanks everyone.
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