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  1. She sure can. I have been doing LOTS of training with the pool. Where ever I put her in, she ALWAYS swims to the steps and gets herself out such a clever girl. I must say she is picking up on stuff pretty quickly now. With the training I am doing, within 2 days she is pretty onto it. Real impressed. Yeah, I have also read up about that. So would that mean if I was to take her out 2 or 3 it would be say 15 mins every time? how do you know if you are exercising them too much? I feel like she gets a lot of exercise jumping and playing around with our other dog as well.
  2. @wolfpup I am very worried that she will become bored. I have SO many different toys as well as a play mate (he is outside during the day at the moment as he goes a bit crazy if we leave him inside during the day). I'm hoping exercise in the morning and afternoon will tucker her out. We live close to the beach so we will be taking her a lot. Good to hear that it should hopefully stop after they finish teething. We are coming out of our hot days now as we are almost into Autumn. She is still inside while the heat is here and I leave the aircon running on the hot days. We have lots of shady
  3. Hello! My name is Kate and I live in Australia. I have just recently got my first ever Husky puppy and boy is she full on! She is so beautiful but has a lot of sass for 12 weeks old. My partner and I also have a 6 year old German Shepherd and they both love each other. They are always playing around and having fun. I get stressed out because for now I have to leave her inside the house while our other dog is outside while we are at work. I want her to get a bit bigger before leaving her outside the whole day. I do try and keep lots of toys and kongs with peanut butter and treats to keep her oc
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