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  1. Hi there my name is Anna I am in the middle of buying a Siberian husky he is only two weeks old he opened his eyes finally but I have noticed that one of his eyes is turning a blue color in the other eye is still dark. Does this mean he could have bi eye color? Just curious on how it will turn out this my fist time buying a Siberian Husky I added a picture of him. 🥰
  2. Hi guys my name is Anna and I’m in the middle of buying my boy Siberian Husky. I have a question for my little guys eye color he is only 2 weeks old but one eye looks dark then the other I’ll show you guys a pic of him I am wondering if he will have bi eye one is turning into a blue color and the other eye is still dark he just started opening his eyes a few days ago Let me know what you guys think I know the eye color can still change I’m just curious thank you idk how I can put a pic on here
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