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  1. While waiting for my puppy to get old enough to bring home, I have been downloading and watching video clips of husky puppies. (about 60 so far.) I am struck by the incredible tolerance of the mothers. From birth to eight weeks, the little guys get increasingly stronger, more active, with sharper teeth. They torment her incessantly, but she seldom growls or snaps at them, instead just nudging them around. Hope I can do as well. Truly inspirational.
  2. There is extensive free information on the internet to assist with new puppy training. Most of it is common sense, simple, and positive reinforcement. It requires time, patience, and consistency. I will not take my puppy to obedience classes. The only thing they might assist me with is socialization with other dogs, and there are numerous dog owners that routinely come by. If your dog has not been trained as a puppy , you no doubt have a far more difficult job.
  3. The area has a trap, neuter, return program for feral cats. I can't endorse it as there is no evidence it reduces their numbers, and they continue to kill any young wildlife their entire lives. I like the relocation program better, but all the research seems to indicate there is a lot of stress associated with relocating feral cats. And it's difficult to evaluate the level of stress accurately, particularly without a ballistics report.
  4. No real reason to train him...they're natural predators. Feral cats kill an average of 300 animals per year, one every day except Sundays. A well-fed cat? Same number.
  5. My area is overrun with feral cats. If you would prefer, i can trap them humanely, and send them to you COD.
  6. Hi, my puppy was born yesterday...will bring him home in 8 weeks. His name is Tundra. I wanted something with an association to Siberia...and Gulag was a little harsh. (I AM naming his crate Gulag. "Back to the Gulag, Comrade Tundra") Don't take me too seriously...I am still giddy with the idea of having my puppy.
  7. Hi, my puppy was born yesterday...I will bring him home in 8 weeks. I would like to train him to eat cats, How many kittens should I give him for chew toys to start with?
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