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  1. I think i’ve been misunderstood😅 I am letting her in, she barely spends half an hour outside, but she used to love sleeping in her house outside, slept upwards of 1 or 2 hours in there even during the day, but now, everytime she goes outside, she’ll saty in there for like 20 minutes max and then want to come back in. whenever she starts whining i usually almost always get up immediately and let her in, i don’t let her cry alone outside. I just wanted to see if there was something now that she suddenly hates staying outside in her house.
  2. My little puppy, Sienna, is a 10 week siberian husky female. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. Sienna has her own little house on our balcony. Throughout the first week, we used to occasionally let her into the house, but mostly just stayed and played with her outside. This week, we’ve had her come into the house and spend a bit more time indoors, but during the night, she always sleeps on the balcony. the first week, even the first night, she didn’t whine at all, slept quietly and soundly at night. However, yesterday and today, she’s been whining like crazy, pawing at the door, and will only be satisfied if we let her inside. why do you think this has bern happening? What should i do?
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