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    I'm a proud parent of my Siberian husky puppy Blu 🥰 . I'm also a wife to a wonderful Man named Edward McClure and he's a self employed Contractor.
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    I Love anything to do with the Outdoors! I'm a animal Lover!

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  1. Oh my goodness I wouldn't have a clue on what it could be! Usually they don't smell 🤔
  2. Hmm, the only thing I can think of is to have your Vet take a X-ray! Here's another question ⁉️ Is he drinking too fast? Let him drink as much as he can but a little bit at a time! But I think you mentioned that already! Did you try changing his food? I feed Blu Taste of the wild - Bison and Venison. Then I switch it up and the next day some boiled chicken, 1 ounce of fried Beef liver ( in coconut oil ) 1 tablespoon of Greek plain non fat Yogurt mixed with his food. Try fasting him for a day but keep him drinking, then see if he is still throwing up!! But I really suggest you have a X-r
  3. Hello Corey! I'm sorry to hear that your furbaby is not feeling well. If I was you I would take him to another Vet because that's not normal for him to be still throwing up! May I ask a question? Do you have any Walnut trees in your yard? Walnuts are very Toxic! Is there anything that has chemicals laying around? I had to go around my yard and remove a lot of mushrooms and cut down a Walnut tree! Did your Vet take a X-ray on him to see if there was anything blocking in his intestines? What are you feeding him? Sorry for all the questions, but I do want to Help as much as I can!
  4. Hello Luna's Dad! I think she knows who's the Alpha and doesn't want to be in your space on the bed. Blu hasn't heard fireworks yet and I will be right there to comfort him when that time comes!
  5. MY arms can't wait to see when he's a Adult 🤣 Whoops hit send before I got a picture 🤣
  6. Yesterday Blu turned 7 months old and had his Vet checkup! When he got onto the scale it read 60 pounds 😲😲! His Height is 26inches and his length is 40inches long 😳! His Vet said he has No fat on him and is in Perfect health 😁! My husband and I plus his Vet is SHOCKED to see this for his age!! Not a typical Siberian husky! We Need to have a DNA test done on him! Does anyone else have a BIG SIBERIAN HUSKY???? Here's Blu and I the other day after swimming 💦😁 Whoops hit send before I got a picture 🤣
  7. Hello Ann and Bill 🖐️ Welcome to the Group 🐺. Aru is very beautiful and still looking like a pup😁 I've only seen a few of the Woolly Huskies! I can just imagine all that shedding fur😲. I have a 6 month old male Siberian husky named Blu 🐺 and what a handful he is! But I wouldn't give him up for anything! What kind of medical issues does Aru have? I will pray for her🙏✝️ Diane
  8. NL? I wish I could attend to these camping get togethers! I'm from the United States!
  9. Sky78, Blu is 6 months today and he is 22 inches tall and weights almost 50 lbs already! He's still growing 😁. This is Blu's daddy! Then here's Blu!
  10. Thanks My Friends 🤗 Now I want to mention this!! What if your spouse say's to you " It's Me or The Dog "! I told him straight out, it's Blu!! He won't let me have another pup! I'm the one taking care of my animals and the house hold chores, gardening, etc.... I think I'm entitled to have things "Right"!!!! Here's the sad part, I have to ask him for $$ and he says for what! I shouldn't have to explain in what I want! Sorry! I'm just emotionally exhausted and I have tried to talk about this with him but he forgets and it's back to square one again!
  11. We think Blu's part Beaver! Who needs a chain saw, when you got Blu to do the job 🤣🤣🤣🤣!! Chewing down my Lilac tree! 20210413_114919_1.mp4
  12. I'm sorry but I have to get something off my chest! I Love My Siberian husky Blu! He means the world to me and I didn't have children of my own! So he's like a Son to me, being a fist time Momma! I have some people say that I'm to Obsessed with him because he's all I talk about and have more pictures of him than my own family! I just wanted to know if anyone else feels this way about their fur baby 🐺.
  13. Blu does not like the sun much! Which I try to encourage him to lay in the sun! But Nope!
  14. Welcome Missy🤗 Duchess is very beautiful 🐺 and thank you for rescuing her🥰 I would Love to rescue all the animals from Bad places! It will take time and patience plus a lot of treats.
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