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  1. Thanks, that made me feel a lot better, We are looking forward to finding a lovely companion in a husky and are committed to giving him/her the best companionship we can-
  2. Thank you guys for the reply, I've been very weary for the past few days now. I been asking advices from others and I was told to get a hamster, that Huskies are VERY difficult and only for the experts of experts of dog training or sledding, I am starting to doubt that me and my family are ready for a husky, are they really that bad? do you have to have years of experience and knowledge to get a husky? I am committed to working with a stubborn breed but I want to know if it's a right big leap. I've been turned away from the breed because of "they are known to even kill a newborn baby!" and they "belong outside" and strictly "sled dogs". I know some of it is not true but I seen so much of it that I have become wary, should we still take the big leap?
  3. We live in the US, the summer is usually 3 months, which is 10-11 weeks, My mom is on board with the potty training and letting the dog out every hour, And since I read what you said about the destruction my mom has said if so the dog causes destruction, I will be paying for it, but I know it's all worth it and I'm willing to because it's all worth it. We plan to stick to schedule and use the bell method, We are also stacking up on cleaning supplies because all dogs make mistakes, Once I'm gone to school if we do get a puppy if my mom sees the puppy sniff or circle, and after such activities like sleeping, eating, playing, etc, we will be rushing the puppy out the door and if they potty we will praise with a treat. Do you recommend baby gates? we are considering to use it until the puppy or dog is partly potty trained.
  4. Of course, I will introduce bikejoring once the dog hits 1 and a half years old. And also we plan to get a puppy or dog during the summer so when potty training comes around all that stress won't be on my mom and we can half and half the responsibility, And about the chewing part we will get a bunch of chews and toys so they can rest their teeth on something. We are looking forward to coming back in the future with a beloved puppy or dog, thank you for everything.
  5. Hello, I am 15 years old. I live with my family and my heart is set on a Siberian Husky, I did a lot of research for the past couple of weeks but I want to get answers from experts. What I read on was so far with the cons are- -Independent, For some odd reason the independence draws me closer to the dog, I don't want a needy dog that always wants to be in my personal space or follow me around 24/7, I like a dog who will be content with just laying down knowing my presence is near. -High Prey Drive, This concerns me because the family dog is a 5 year old Beagle but I heard stories if you raise one as a puppy the pup will know he is one of the family. -Heavy Shedding, I don't mind actually, I find it very satisfying when I see a bunch of clumps of fur falls off, My mom said as long as I vacuum daily and clean after the fur, we are good. -Not Off-leash, This doesn't bother me either, if the dog isn't capable of being trusted off-leash I completely understand. I don't mind using a long foot leash.-Not for first time owners and difficult to train, This will not be my first dog, my first dog was of course the beagle, I am the main caretaker of him and he is the most stubborn dog I ever met, but I still love my troublemaker, My uncle has a HUGE Malamute and he always went on vacation so me and my family looked after him, My uncle always told me don't let your guard down when working with the Spitz dog breeds. -Separation Anxiety, This is partly be a problem since I will be in school, but my mom is a 24/7 stay home mom and she loves hanging out with our family dog, -Exercise, This is the fun part and the main reason I love huskies. doing they were born to do, Pull sleds in Siberia. I would LOVE to try bikejoring and dryland mushing, I think when they get to do what they were born to do, they become content and happy. It's amazing what these dogs can do- Pull a sled for miles and miles on end, Amazing. -Escape Artists, This is my biggest concern, I heard the stories where they jump a 9 feet fence, use objects around them to help, and even digging under. I have a 7 feet fence and dug down 2 feet, The back of our yard is chainlink 6ft fence, I saw a video where it climbed the fence, If this does do happen to be that bad, I will commit to going outside with the dog every time, supervise while they use the bathroom, or use a tieout only when using the bathroom. -Loudness, My neighbors are old aged and they used to have a dog that howled the neighborhood down, everybody loved him until he sadly passed away from cancer... It been very quiet since and I think everyone would love a beautiful howl that would keep the neighborhood active again. I also love the way they howl because it literally sounds like they are talking to you.. Its amazing. Huskies are amazing for the right people and hopefully I am one of them, If you want additional details -It's a family of 4,everybody is onboard with the thought of a new dog. -We have a house and a medium-sized backyard - I am willing to go to training classes - I am willing to run my dog before school for 40 mins and after school for 40 mins and have a train/play session, - When I turn 16 and get my first job I will definitely be putting my dog on insurance as they have most problems with Cataracts, Epilepsy, and Hip Dysplasia. -Digging I don't mind because our backyard already looks like 1,000 rabbit holes because of our beagle 😅 -We will get a tracking collar and a microchip just incase they escape - Preferably we want a puppy so we can socialize and teach good manners, but I am willing to adopt because every dog deserves a good home, but not every home deserves a dog. But since I'm just starting Highschool, My mom will take care of him during the day so he does not be lonely, I already told her what Huskies need to do for exercise and she loves the idea. I do plan on going to college which will affect my schedule partly, My mom and brother will then be the main caretakers. Hopefully I am ready to take on the Howling Houdini, Thank you for your time. * Also I should make a disclaimer, The college that I will be going to is NOT out of state, My mom said she doesn't want to lose me from such a far away state. So when I do go to college, since it's to much money I will not be getting a dorm nor an apartment, The only difference is I will be staying home it's just my schedule is much more different. Also, This will be my parents dog since they are signing the contract to get the dog until I'm 18. Until then, This is be my parents dog but my mom and I will be half and half with the responsibly of the dog. I just wanted to say that if I made some confusion that I will be leaving out of state and never seeing my dog until 2-4 years go by.
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