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  1. Sorry im im the US and didnt know there was different types of recipies. We are trying to move away from store brand stuff and just make our own food. Home cooked im guessing would be best if ee can get a recipe for that.
  2. Our puppy is 3 months old and we would like to make our own food for her. Thanks in advance
  3. I will do a vet check but she seems healthy as can be and put on quite a bit of weight this week. She has energy for days and is quite active and playful. All good, tho not definitive signs
  4. Im in the US and she is 11 weeks old. Can you get lamb raw ribs at petsmart or special order? I am definitely willing to try. She is shitting so much its not funny. I wake up to literally 8 piles on average. When we got her she was so filthy and said to just be kept in a crate so i dont think she really ate much. She was so skinny and any food the first 2 days she just sniffed. Its like she didnt know what it was.
  5. Looks like lab is mixed in your girl? OP also looks to have a mixed husky judging by the face. Beautiful dogs regardless
  6. So my daughter always wanted a husky ever since she was 3. 13 years later her first dog passed and it was time to surprise her with a new pup. We got a beautiful brown furred husky and i k ow they are smart and unique dogs so im hoping for some tips while she is still a pup. Got damn if she doesnt have energy for days lol. Im a little concerned about her diet though as even stuff for puppies seems to give her the runs. We are trying different brands but i wouldnt mind making my own food mix for her if needed and is healthier. Damn this dog is so loving i havent had one this loving and nor ever
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