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  1. I was recently given a rabbit and a guinea pig. I am now the owner of these two beautiful creatures. But I'm worried about their nutrition and their health. I fed them all the vegetables initially, and then I read an article about controlling their food, which is very important! But I didn't know this initially, and I hope it won't harm their health. In the end, I concluded that can rabbits eat tomatoes, and there is nothing wrong with this. The main thing is the dosage and the right approach. I hope that no one will get tired of me with my experiences, haha.
  2. The most popular and effective plants that can scare away fleas are: wormwood, tansy, eucalyptus, hellebore. The latter option is sold at the pharmacy, it is the most powerful remedy; its use requires caution, since exceeding the recommended dose threatens severe intoxication of the animal's body. From plants prepare decoctions or infusions used for bathing dogs. But this is chemistry and it can very much harm a small body. I consulted with the vet and he advised me to look at the best rated flea collar and he really helped me. My puppy hasn't suffered from fleas in a long time.
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