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  1. I have two male ferrets, and they get along perfectly. Did you ask yourself if can two male ferrets live together? My piece of advice is to have two because your life will get better, I mean you will laugh all day along. They are so funny! It's a pity that I have lost all my pictures with them, but when I will come from the vacation I will share some with you guys. I concerned when I bought them. I thought that they would fight each other, but not, they are just playing all day.
  2. The dogs help you a lot. The pets in general. I have to cats and a husky. They are very friendly one to each other, and when I see them like that I start to love them more. It calms me a lot feeding them, taking care of them, and walking the dog and more. This and the yoga are my two ways of forgetting about my daily routine. You may click here and see what trainings I follow online. It is great that I convinced my mother too to do it with me.
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