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  1. Hi, has anyone come across this with your husky? I’ve just noticed my 6 month old puppy has this dark brown outline around his iris and his eye is very red. I will call the vets tomorrow to check but just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas! The first two pictures is to show the brown outline and the third is his other eye, it’s still red but doesn’t have that brown pigmentation. Thanks
  2. @Diane McClure@wolfpup thanks for your comments! It’s really helpful 😊
  3. Hi, this is probably a silly question but I can’t really find much information on this. I have a 6 month old pup and was wondering if anyone knows if there is anything wrong with organising play dates with his parents? The breeder has both mum and dad and over lockdown we’ve spoke about it being nice if they could meet up but I just wanted to double check peoples opinion on this! Thanks
  4. @wolfpup thank you, perhaps mine had something similar. I’ll look at changing his food and see if that makes a difference!
  5. Hi there, my husky pup has developed this colouring around his mouth - is this normal or could it be diet related? He’s on the same food the breeder used. Thanks!
  6. @Jordynfire he’s not in the crate all day, just for scheduled nap times, so just for an hour or so whilst he’s asleep. Just so he has a safe quiet space for him to not be disturbed. I’ve read in serval places that puppies should only have 5 minutes exercise a day for their age, so a 3 month pup can have 15 mins. But he definitely has loads of energy so maybe burning some of that will help!
  7. Hi everyone, I would love some advice and tips on how to help a few problems we’ve been having with our husky pup. We started crate training him by making his crate a ‘safe’ place. Having a comfy bed, toys, blanket and feeding him in here. He’s perfectly happy sleeping in his crate with the door shut and at night but during the day, as soon as we leave the room he screams for ages! I feel so bad, and end up waiting until a quite bit before asking him to lie down before letting him out. But should I be leaving him to cry? I’ve read some awful things about dogs passing out from crying for too
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