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  1. Hello! So i’ve been buying my own offal and have had some issues preparing it. I have to have it minced/blended for my dog or she wont eat it. Although mincing/blending it is harder than I thought it would be, mincing it unfrozen just makes alot of the offal wrap around my manual mincer and blending it does the same thing it just wraps around the blades clogging it up! I’ve tried it frozen also and it just bounces around the blender as it’s so solid and won’t push into the mincer for the same reason. Any ideas or links to blenders/mincers people use would be great!
  2. Any advice on how to get a fussy dog to eat raw? She’s a 1yr and 4 months 3/4 husky and 1/4 Rottweiler, She’s always been fussy to the point we’ve tried at least 10 different wet and dry foods cause she just gets bored and stops eating them. So we’ve recently tried feeding raw, she’s 18kg now but obviously expecting her to grow a little more so aiming to feed around 450-500g a day. We’ve tried a few different meats e.g. beef steaks, lamb steaks, salmon, a whole chicken without the neck and innards cause I bought it from Tesco, and also some liver. Everything she turned her nose up at and just
  3. This is our issue she’d only eat that for a meal or two and then do the same thing
  4. So I know this is a common problem with huskies but I have tried virtually everything! She's 1 year old and 2/3 months, since we got her we've been having nightmares with her food, we've tried tonnes of dry and wet food e.g. forthglade, butchers, chappies, natures menu, orijen, wainwrights, and step up to nature to name a few; we have tried just feeding wet food, just dry food, and mixing the two together. With most food she plays with it in her bowl and then spits it out, occasionally she'll pick at it if we leave it out for a few hours, and if she's really really hungry she will eat it all o
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