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  1. Hello, my husky is now 1 year and 10 months old. The past 4 months or so her behaviour has changed drastically, she used to run around playing all the time, loved tug of war and running around with her collection of different balls! Now she hardly touches her toys, we try to get her to play everyday with no success, shes also a lot more affectionate and always wants to be right next to you. We’ve had a few people say this is common in dogs around this age and is pretty much like puberty being something they will just grow out of. The behaviour does coincide with us getting another dog also and I thought this could be to blame as shes a female whose quite calm but was always energetic and playful until the behavioural changes but he is a male and is quite a loud and large boisterous dog. The reason being we think its adolescence and not the new dog is because they both get along very well, the only time she really plays now is with him. He can sometimes get a bit much for her but she lets him know as dogs do and they’re fine. I really hope its just adolescence and not something more serious as been quite sad to see her like this as she used to be so playful. She’s been eating normally and acting normally on walks also other than seeming a little bit tense around large groups of dogs. I know shes not coming into season as she had one about 5 months ago and has been acting this way for 4 months now. Please let me know any advice or experience anyone has relevant to this matter!
  2. Hello! So i’ve been buying my own offal and have had some issues preparing it. I have to have it minced/blended for my dog or she wont eat it. Although mincing/blending it is harder than I thought it would be, mincing it unfrozen just makes alot of the offal wrap around my manual mincer and blending it does the same thing it just wraps around the blades clogging it up! I’ve tried it frozen also and it just bounces around the blender as it’s so solid and won’t push into the mincer for the same reason. Any ideas or links to blenders/mincers people use would be great!
  3. Any advice on how to get a fussy dog to eat raw? She’s a 1yr and 4 months 3/4 husky and 1/4 Rottweiler, She’s always been fussy to the point we’ve tried at least 10 different wet and dry foods cause she just gets bored and stops eating them. So we’ve recently tried feeding raw, she’s 18kg now but obviously expecting her to grow a little more so aiming to feed around 450-500g a day. We’ve tried a few different meats e.g. beef steaks, lamb steaks, salmon, a whole chicken without the neck and innards cause I bought it from Tesco, and also some liver. Everything she turned her nose up at and just played with it, other than eating some of the chicken mainly just the skin and some fat off the beef. We’ve tried a few things from freezing it, adding chicken stock, cutting it up small rather than giving it too her whole, cooking the beef steaks slightly either sides, mixing kibble, but with no success. Tryna leave her now until she just gets hungry enough she has to eat it but it’s been around 3 days, she literally will eat the bare minimum possible e.g. a mouthful or two to keep her going but nothing more. Even tried exercising her more as we normally only give her an hour walk a day and an extra half hour in the evening but I’ve been taking her out on my bike also to make her hungrier but still no joy. Don’t really want to go back kibble and wet food if I can help it as we just have to switch it every couple days otherwise she won’t eat that either so any ideas on feeding an ultra fussy husky?
  4. This is our issue she’d only eat that for a meal or two and then do the same thing
  5. So I know this is a common problem with huskies but I have tried virtually everything! She's 1 year old and 2/3 months, since we got her we've been having nightmares with her food, we've tried tonnes of dry and wet food e.g. forthglade, butchers, chappies, natures menu, orijen, wainwrights, and step up to nature to name a few; we have tried just feeding wet food, just dry food, and mixing the two together. With most food she plays with it in her bowl and then spits it out, occasionally she'll pick at it if we leave it out for a few hours, and if she's really really hungry she will eat it all on a rare occasion. She'll happily eat human food, so we've tried not giving her anything at all but she'll happily starve herself for a few days or eat the bare minimum of what we give here e.g. one or two mouthfuls to get her by until she gets something she wants. Recently I thought the solution may to be to switch to a raw diet so I did a huge amount of research in preparation but the same problems have persisted. First of I tried giving her some lamb and beef steaks aswell as a vegetable mix mashed up, she licked the steaks and vegetable mixed, so I chopped the steaks up into small chunks which she just chewed up a bit and spit out, so then I tried to blend the meat which majorly clogged my blender due to it not being great but broke the meat down further, again she just licked it and played with it. The next day I gave her half a whole chicken, this is the greatest success we've had, she ate most of it bones and meat, but the next time we fed her we gave her a chicken leg and she wouldn't touch it, aswell as some liver that I tried giving whole and cutting up small but she wouldn't even lick the liver. Today I tried giving her beef again, I froze it this time in which she wouldn't eat but once it defrosted a little she would eat some pieces but only those with a big chunk of fat on and even then she gave up after a few mouthfuls. The next thing I tried was just cooking the steak for a few seconds, and then giving to her, this worked with small pieces only and she ate a fair bit until she realised what I was doing by chewing it a couple times noticing it was raw in the middle and spitting it back out. I also read that it may be due to not getting sufficient exercise, we normally walk her for an hour maybe abit longer down the park when i get home from work and every other day my partner takes her out on a bike ride for half hour on her lunch break, the past few days I made sure she was knackered other than today cause I've been majorly busy but it didn't make a difference either. Pretty much ran out of options now and hoping someone has some magic advice up their sleeve to help! I would like to stick to the raw diet if I can get her to eat it as I've done so much research on it but I cant get her to eat the meat let alone organs, vegetables and fruit! Only really got 2 options left; leave her to starve for 4+ days if she doesn't eat the food we put down but i'm pretty sure this wont work as I said previously she will just eat the bare minimum to tide her over or just starve herself for the 3 days max we did try this. Or our final attempt at prepping the food is to mince/grind the meat and other components together, which i'm currently waiting for the go ahead to pick up from robert dyas but I kind of want her to eat in the upcoming week.
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