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  1. So sorry, it’s Whitefield. So might be a bit far for you. it’s 6ft fencing. I’ve attached you some pictures of him playing with my friend’s Husky in there. Koda also thinks he’s a show jumper 😂
  2. So sorry! I’ve only just seen this reply!! Koda would love a play date with Marley 🥰 we regularly hire an enclosed field just down the road from here. Koda loves it there. When we hire it, we are allowed up to 6 dogs. But it usually ends up Koda on his own lol
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. We took a female (10 months) on trial not too long ago and whilst Koda loved her, she was very aggressive towards him in the house and would bully him. He is such a softy! Absolutely loves others dogs, but is such a gentleman. He gets on fantastic with my brother's Dachshund, and is a gentleman with him too (if the Dachshund wants some of Koda's food for example, Koda will step back and let him). So it didn't work out with the female who returned we had to return to her owner. I just don't want to end up in the same situation again, or end up with stuck with a dog that doesn't get along with Koda (as Koda loves every dog we come across). I've registered with some of the rescues, but they very rarely get in a suitable dog (something that loves other dogs and is fine with children - I don't have children, but my brother does and they do visit). So Koda will get on with any dog really; we just need to find a dog that suits us. We have such a wonderful life style with him at the moment and I worry about upsetting the apple cart -so to speak.
  4. I don't know whether or not to get a companion for my boy Koda. Koda is such a good boy, honestly the best dog. Yes he has Husky traits (luckily both my husband and I have grown up around the breed and have experience), but he's such a good boy. He is a lovely boy to have around, isn't destructive (as long as he isn't left alone), sleeps all night (sometimes he doesn't want to get up in a morning), walks nice on the lead (though this changes if he sees a squirrel or a pigeon ), is great with my nieces and nephews, and we can take him anywhere etc etc. So I don't really want to upset this, or upset our lives by adding a second dog as we are always so busy at it is. Plus I honestly think that finding another Koda will be near impossible. Koda is never left alone as my husband and I are self employed and I'm always working from home or out on the farm with him; and for one day a week I've been letting him go to Doggy Day Care, as he absolutely loves other dogs! I let him go so that he can socialise and play all day - he loves nothing more than having doggy friends around. He has the best time when he's there. I've been in and watched him playing. The more and more I research, the more I keep hearing that Huskies in particular (of all dog breeds, as they are known for being the most social) are happiest in pairs and with a canine companion. It's really bugging me as I don't know what to do. I just want Koda to have the happiest life possible and I don't want to be denying him anything (especially companionship if he is craving it). He's such a quiet boy at home. Lively outside and on walks, but in the house he mostly just lies down and relaxes (well, I hope he's not depressed or lonely)! I really don't know what to do for the best. I don't want him to be missing out on having a companion if that's what he needs!
  5. Hello, My husband and I have a very active lifestyle and both have outdoor jobs. We’ve always had large dog breeds and recently adopted and rehomed an 18 month old Husky (Koda) who loves being outdoors all day and fits perfectly into our active lifestyle. He’s a neutered male and is brilliant. He’s settled in really well and is a lovely boy to have around. the only issue we have with him is his excessive prey drive (for birds, small animals, and anything that rustles in the bushes). we have guinea pigs at home that live in their own room with a reinforced door, so that he doesn’t ever go in there. He was obsessed when he first moved in but seems to have given up now as he knows that’s an area he doesn’t go in. It’s hard to distinguish whether he wants to be aggressive or playful with them, but I will never allow them to mix for the safety of the guinea pigs. Not sure what he’s actually thinking of doing with them? So the guinea pig situation is now managed but out on walks he’s a nightmare. Wants to chase everything that moves - squirrels, birds, leaves that blow down the road! He is fine with other dogs. Just wants to play or he will just walk by them if told to leave. we have a 30ft training lead at the moment whilst working on his recall. The recall is proving very challenging because of the prey drive. Is he likely to always be like this? Or is this something I can change with training? many thanks for any help, much appreciated!
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