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    Thin coat

    He isnt scratching, his diet has been the same for years with the same food. Nothing changed in our routine to make him stressful. He's got his visit at the vet every spring. Its not really like a hairloss which would affect certain spots. His fur is even all around the body, only it is thin. Thanks for the reply
  2. Ssooz

    Thin coat

    Hey, new guy here, figured I’d ask here for input before going to the vet. i’ve got a Siberian Husky which turned 8 years old a couple days ago. For atleast the past year I noticed that he shed WAY less fur than he would before. By less I mean pretty much none of the thick patches that usually shed around summer. Now that winter is around the corner, we’ve already have a few episodes of cold weather and a little snow, but the dog has a very thin but even coat. I can see the skin thru the fur when petting/brushing it. He is outside between 4 and 12
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