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  1. I have an 8 mo. old female that was frequently doing that on our walks as well. I would let her lay there for a minute or so. She would look around and then I would begin to walk again. She usually complied. However, she sometimes would pull this stunt several times on a walk. Eventually she grew out of it. Not a problem now.
  2. My 8 mo. old female Siberian Husky has suddenly developed a fear of wooden foot bridges. Our favourite walking routes the last 6 months have been on paths that take us over 2 wooden footbridges. She never had a concern with them until 2 weeks ago. She freezes when we approach the general area and digs in and backs up refusing to budge. I have tried to motivate her with treats but she will have no part of it. I am afraid she will back out of her collar and get loose. I have stopped trying now as every new occasion strengthens her fear. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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