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  1. Wait so how come he’s in the crate for the day? How long? Also they really have social anxiety they love their owners to be around. My husky puppy sleeps in our room with us. It takes them a while to get use to it. It took Shasta a month to finally accept it’s her room and her space, now she will willingly go in when she’s tired and she’s 5 months old. Where did you read they need 5 mins of play per month of age? Mine was hyper and still so hyper now. Try offering more chew toys for him to stop the biting, mine still bites a lot but she’s just so excited all the time. They need lots of exercis
  2. First time husky owner here. This is my 14 week old husky puppy Shasta I noticed she has a part down her back is that normal? Sorry seems silly just wondering!😂
  3. Shasta is our puppy’s name. She’s named after Mt. Shasta in California. I’ve always loved the name and finally get to have a husky and name her that!
  4. Hi I was wondering what types of flea medication you used on your puppies? I’m planning on using an oral once she gets to 6 months or a year depending on her weight. But I was wondering in the meantime what can I use? Thank you all in advance!
  5. Hi my name is Jordyn and I’m from Palm Springs California! We adopted our first Husky! She didn’t have any papers to back her up that she’s full bred but everything I’ve read she fits the mold. This is Shasta! Our 9 week old Siberian Husky! Nice to meet you all!
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