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  1. Umm nothing’s really changed well not that I know of. I did take him to a dog park last month. I am thinking to maybe take him again (closest one is like an hour away) last time we went he got really excited he was so happy. Because the park we normally go to is pretty quiet we don’t see many dogs. Maybe he misses the dog park but I’ll try that. Thank you so much for the advice
  2. Hello husky family Im Bee and this is Lucifer he is almost 7 months old now.. Just needing some advice pleaseeee. Since the past two months whenever I take him for walks especially when we reache the streets near my house he starts to sink his paws into the ground and he refuses to get up. I've tried using high value treats (different types because I know he gets bored of them) and his toys but none of them get him moving. At time I’ve waiting for about 15 minutes and he still won’t budge.I've tried pulling him lightly cause I don’t want to hurt his neck. He's started to do thi
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