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  1. Yes, he plays in concrete, but is it normal that his paws are like prickly, if I brush it one way it would scratch me, his paws are like a cat's tongue. I went to the vet yesterday and had it checked, the vet says not to worry, but I still am worried I don't know if its hyperkeratosis. May I see the paws of your huskies? here is mine.
  2. Hi! I'm a new husky owner, and my pup is 5 months old. I noticed his paws are like a cat's tongue, its rough and when I brush my fingers on one side its really prickly. Is this normal?
  3. Yes, I am very much willing to get him to like me. He's so adorably snobbish. I hope everything gets better with you and your aloof husky. Hahaha, aww I hope some day my pup would just be like your (little spoilt) pup so close and full of trust!
  4. Wow, I didn't know their personalities varies so much. They're so adorable and full of personalities, I'm a new Husky owner and this is very new to me. Thank you very much for explaining, I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi everyone, Im a new owner of a 4 month old male siberian husky, I have lots of questions on how to care for him. I hope you can help me. Nice to meet everyone of you.
  6. Hello fellow husky lovers! I recently got me a 4 month old husky, I don't know anything about husky, so if you could please help and advice I would much appreciate it. So, my husky's with me for about 2 weeks now. I have a mixed breed dog (mongrel) and my husky loves her, plays with her, bugs her all the time. But I had to temporarily give my mongrel to my aunt (vet's advice) since my husky is not yet fully vaccinated. Then my husky became more aloof and lazy, she just lays all day, sleeps all day and doesn't play anymore. I call and she wouldn't come unless she needs something from me. After eating and drinking she leaves me and lay around and sleep. Is it a normal husky behavior? Is there something wrong with my husky? please help.
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