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  1. This has become more apparent now that I've been observing it through that filter. Thanks for your reply!
  2. All the moving was definitely my #1 suspicion. Hopefully with some long-term stability like we have now he'll be okay. We also gave him a few "down" days this weekend (other than a 5 mi walk, lol). Reloaded his tennis ball collection and his 'tude seems to be a lot more chipper. Thanks for your reply!
  3. My girlfriend and I adopted a 7mo male husky last fall, he's now approximately 16 months (they estimated an April birthday). 60lbs, big boy with an amazingly sweet temperament. We've been noticing him getting moody lately and are wondering if that's normal or if anyone has suggestions. The majority of the day he's fine, but there are times where he looks pouty and even moments where his face reminds me of the actors from anti-depressant commercials. He's always been a little anxious but never really looked "sad" before unless he got in trouble (only ever raised my voice to him onc
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