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  1. Thank you for your reply wolfpup! Very helpful. I have also heard from a few people raw diet is the way to go. I am a little reluctant because I don’t want to give him something wrong and cause him to get sick. But I can’t imagine the burnt, processed food I’m giving him now is any better for his health. I look at every single ingredient when I give him )and even myself) something to eat and Core wellness definitely had one of the better ingredient lists. How did you introduce the raw diet to your boys? What did you start on? Or what would you recommend me starting on Pizza? I too am very reluctant to put Pizza on meds because he is only 2 (will be 3 this November), however seeing him go through 2 seizures is the most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever witnessed and I would like to do everything in my power to prevent it from happening again. I’m wondering if maybe the raw diet in combination with cbd & thc oil might be a good place to start and use the meds if it does not get better and they continue. Thanks so much again for your reply, genuinely appreciate it!
  2. Hi everyone I have an almost 3 year old red husky named Pizza. We live in Northern Virginia and I've had him since he was about 4/5 months old and got him from a family who could not care for him properly. He's your typical high energy, goofy, husky and the absolute love of my life. On June 18 of this year (2020) Pizza had his first seizure at about 5:30/6am. I was sleeping and was woken by the sound of him vomiting and immediately after he tipped over and started having a grand Mal seizure. I have never seen a dog or human have a seizure and went I into absolute hysterics. I ran to him to try and comfort and sooth him because I had no idea what was going on. The seizure itself lasted maybe 1-2 minutes and his disorientation about 15 minutes. Once he stopped convulsing I was still rubbing his head and body when he started growling at me. He bit my hand extremely hard (fractured my finger and needed stitches. I did not know you were not supposed to get close to a dog when they are having a seizure. It was natural instinct to run and comfort him). I rushed him to the vet where they did blood work and everything came back normal. The vet did not want to start him on anti seizure meds since it was his first time. We hoped and prayed it wouldn't happen again, but sadly it just happened again this weekend (Aug 1). Same exact thing, 7am, vomitted first and then went into a seizure. This time I remained very calm and did not get close and the seizure was much shorter and his disorientation afterwards was much shorter (1 minute). I took him to a neurologist today who did not think it was necessary for an MRI and suggested putting him on phenobarbital. I will also combine this with CBD and a very low dose of THC oil at night time. I have done tons of research and have found many articles stating huskies suffer Zinc deficiencies which is a "silent killer" in dogs (google it, there's a bunch of articles). Does anyone have experience or personal knowledge on this? Also, Pizza has been on core wellness dog food for the first year and a half and then I put him on Farmers Dog (fresh dog food delivered weekly). Due to covid and my income I had to take him off farmers dog because it was extremely expensive and I put him back on core wellness. I wonder if putting him back on core wellness attributed to his seizure? Does anyone recommend a good dog food for huskies? Pizza is my first husky so I am learning every day about huskies. Thanks for reading this, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  3. alex1505

    Hello Again!

    Hi - I was reading your posts about Yukon having seizures and the last thing you posted was about putting him on CBD. How did that work? I have an almost 3 year old husky who just had his first seizure (grand mal) June 18, 2020 and just had a second one Aug 1, 2020. The neurologist just prescribed him phenobarbital and I am also going to combine that with CBD & THC oil so I’m curious how it worked for Yukon and if he’s had seizures since then. I’d love to hear back. My email is alexandra@rodicargo.com
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