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  1. I didn't see both parents. They are not there just his sister. Mostly they sell are alaskan malamutes.
  2. ImOur husky has big bat ear like that as well. I wonder if it's pure as well. Yours look like a husky as well.
  3. Hi guys I have bought a husky and it has a big ears. Is that a pure husky? I saw pictures of husky having triangular ears but he has big bat ears. He's a sweet pup though but when he cries he cries like a baby! He looks like a raccoon or a rat though!
  4. That's like our husky. We got him in 2 mos and both his ear are flop. He is too weak. Then came a week one ear has risen. Then we fed him bones and fish both went up in 10 days. He is also round now. His ears are so big like a bat ears.
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