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  1. Already subscribed. It's so cute! Unfortunately, I'm not subscribed to any husky. And here is the answer to the one who said that he does not see the point in the Intsgram. Andy, it's an ideal platform for promoting small businesses. I have already grown my Instagram, used services which give autolikes and I can say that you can really earn money there. Of course, there is a lot of garbage and you can't just spend time looking at glamorous photos. But if you want to, you can make good money there.
  2. Hi, nice to meet you! I've recently found out that my girlfriend wants a husky. We live toghether, so it's an important decision. I decided to make her a surprise, so I'll buy a puppy very soon. It's so cool that such forums exist and I can find here a lot of info about these beautiful dogs!
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