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  1. Hi, man. Frankly speaking, I think, that every living organism is prone to depression. It happens individually, so it's difficult to say can the dog be in a depression or not, because it can hide it, like the people. I had the depression, that is why I say you it. The best treatment of stress for me is Etizolam. I love this med, it has a very good effect on my mental and nervous system. The backside effect doesn't have a significant influence of your body. To read full description check this link worldpharm365.com. Show your dog to a doctor, man.
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    The gambling products are only harmful when people consume too much of them. Gambling is like alcohol: occasional use is generally safe, that is why I think poker is the best fit, in this case, I don't understand why you don't like it. It's very interesting, it's a more psychological game than a game of luck. We all played at least once in it. So far, I play poker, my wife often gets angry at me for it, but what to do if I like crazy. I found a very trusted online casino - aplikasi poker. At least I never had any problems with withdrawing the winnings like on other online casinos.
  3. It is clear that your computer needs a optimization to be able to work in a regular way. You can find some optimization softwares, but it is important to be informed for choosing the right one. I am sure that this is a right way to make your PC to work faster because I was in your situation and fortunately my friend helped me with a link (https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-pc-optimization-software/). There I could find more details about the work of these programs and could choose the one that perfectly matched with my computer so I solved the problem and now my PC run all the programs without
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