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  1. Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself and say I have a rescue Husky/malamute cross. He's 6, his name is Moose and I got him from the Dog's Trust in Kenilworth at the beginning of February. And he's currently a mahoosive pita, tbh (see my thread in the behaviour section).
  2. I've just joined, so my apologies if my issues have been covered before, but mine are slightly different because I don't have a pure Husky - he's apparently half Malamute - and he's not behaving the way I've seen some members talking about how their huskies do. Anyway, I rescued a 6-year old husky/malamute cross at the beginning of February this year. As you can see from the pic, he's a unit. He's been with us 4 and a bit months now. I got him from the Dog's Trust (the UK's biggest specialist dog rescuer, if any non-Brits are reading who haven't heard of it; genuine apologies for patronis
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