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  1. Susan

    1st litter

    I had something really unusual, Saskia and Wolf looked after all the litters together!! when she had to leave them for a wee she would bark at Wolf and he had to take over!! I was told that he had to stay away because it could cause a fight so was gob smacked at this joint parenting!!
  2. Susan

    1st litter

    I really miss breeding hard work but rewarding seeing beautifull new born babies, even the sleepless nights and sleeping in the front room. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh fond memories.
  3. Well only 2 pups left !! done really well finding new homes ,and they all sound like good homes, they are nearly ready to open there eyes , then the fun starts and they begin to look like little bears!! they are all getting chunky so mum is feeding them well , sson the hard work will begin x
  4. Susan

    Couldn't resist

    Can I pinch the rose er....... I mean pup lol
  5. Susan

    Jeff's new puppy

    Two dogs are easier than one!! I wish I had done it earlier!! They so ......... like each others company .
  6. All pups are doing really well, now for the fun part!! being able to identify them all!! gonna take pictures of each ones back and then identiry by markings and as they grow they have marks on the insides of there ears, Dunc gets a bit confused with it but i have a sistem so I stick to it lol
  7. Well are we gonna get the blizards they have forecast!! a case of watch this space i guess !!
  8. Dunc could never train a dog he has no patients!! lol anyone got any ideas on training husbands!!
  9. Susan

    Picture comp

    Duncs a cheat on here cos I took the pic!!!!!! lol
  10. Susan


    Anything lasting as long as it has with you should be investigated by a doctor, if your not happy with his diagnosis ask for a second opinion , it could be a stomach ulcer or something simple. I went through thisonce and was advised to start having probiotiv yoghurts or drinks twice a day and although it took a couple of weeks to get in my system I havnt looked back. See your doctor.
  11. Sorry had to post cause I was with Sarah when Kimba fell in the pond , well not actually fell in but ran and did not stop !! it was funny he is like a naughty teenager and has no........... sence of fear what so ever , you can certainly say he has personallity, god he is funny. He always looks at you with his big brown eyes as if to say " what have I done now " lol
  12. Yes I am the one who gets the honour of bathing Saskia and Wolf, I just say bath!! and Saskia goes upstairs and jumps straight into the bath for her shower, I never fill bath with water , she loves it!! . now Wolf !! now thats another story, he hears the word bath!! and shakes like a leaf!! so I have to pick him up and carry him upstars!! lol I win but also look likea drowned rat by the time I have finished and the whole street hears him howl !! big baby !! but he is getting better with all the love I give him.
  13. Well you have been warned !! huskies are very......... inteligent!! lol yes they can work out how to get out of crates so we have small padlocks on the corners but not on the door opening, how they get out is by pulling on the cage sides to pull down then push fast to make it go past the little hooks !! crafty eh! another is there tricks to get out of harnessess, well what we do is put there collar on , put the harness on, and then use a small say cat collar to link the two together, that way if they free themselves from the harness they get a shock because you still have them by the collar !!
  14. Finally had a little sleep , got overtired after being up all night with Saskia all night, Wolf is helping to take care of them which is unusual I know but thats how close my dogs are all lovey dovey . The pups are gorgeous but then I would say that, all getting vet checked tomorrow or tue so will keep you up with the info. Have to sleep in front room on my blow up matress now for a week to help her from squashing them by accident.
  15. There are loads of pics of Silver on here you numpty
  16. Susan

    Saskia updates

    hi everyone !! saskia still not showing any signs of the big event , but should be between tonight and tue!! time to sleep in front room!! the things we do lol
  17. I have the answer to that !! earplugs!! lol
  18. susan here just letting everyone know I have 2 huskies and Saskia is hopefully pregnant and just started eating again so maybe over the morning sickness period!! yes the poor dogs get it too !!
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