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  1. Alright thank you everyone i appreciate the help!
  2. Well My country is situated in Northern Africa so we have a Mediterranean climate. The temperatures in summer average between 21 and 42 °C (although I have never witnessed in my 20 years of life a 42 degree) (70 and 108 °F) and in winter drop to 10 to 12 °C (50 to 54 °F). Anyway he now sleeps inside I couldn’t leave him outside but he still cries every single time we leave him alone 😕 even if it’s for 5minutes , he’ll cry even if we are in the same room but is unable to see us (let’s just say we’re in the garden and i went the other way around to get something) andI cannot have another dog
  3. Im afraid not. my dad just bought him from a family that had to move away. We had a malinois shepherd before this but obviously they’re waaaaay more different! I seek help because im obviously lost and hearing his cries breaks my heart i just hope to find a way to put a stop to his separation anxiety
  4. No, it’s not for security purposes, we live in a very well secured neighborhood but we just cannot keep him inside unfortunately. I read on this platform that many owners have their huskies sleep outside or does it depend on the dog whether it prefers to stay indoors or not? also how do you deal with his crying when you go to work? All of my family members work he eventually will have to stay by himself.
  5. 👋🏻 hello! So my dad recently bought a Husky of 14months old. He naturally spends all day long inside with us but at night time we have to put him outside, mind you, it’s secured there’s no way he could attack or be attacked/stolen. The only problem is that every time he keeps on crying which is heartbreaking to me yet my parents won’t let him in. This is actually his 5th night with us on the two first days he cried and banged on the door nonstop the third one he cried but no banging, same on the fourth and tonight he only cried when someone passed by him. Do you guys think he’ll get accus
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