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  1. Hi all - joined this forum for some serious advice. My 7 month husky has recently started to pee and defecate just inside our patio door. During the day, this is usually the door we use to let him out into the garden to do his business. I take him out for his last pee around 11.30/12.00 late at night and then around 6am. He rarely had accidents during the night and would easily hold for up to 7 hours. But recently I’ve been coming down to a heavy puddle of pee and mess. I cannot think what has happened recently to trigger this change. I’ve kept his feeding to a schedule, I pick his food bowl and water up as suggested. He gets plenty of regular exercise during the day and like I said everything appeared okay. The only thing I’m scratching my head about is whether this hot summer has anything to do with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Initially our boy had a crate, but we never really used this for potty purposes. I’d rather not go back to this if at all avoidable. Please help x
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