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  1. My huskies - both of them 10 weeks old. We were giving them as much water as their weight (as suggested by certain reputable websites): 1 oz per pound of body weight. Last week, when we went to the vet, we were told to give as much water as needed. Also, they were given deworming medications. Since then, I notice that during the day, there is a particular hour when they constantly pee in their crates.. sometimes as often as 10 times within a span of 60 minutes. The urine is almost clear. They stop after that time - meaning going back to once every 2 hours like they are used to. Could this be because of the medication? Or is it just excessive water intake? I plan to call the vet tomorrow anyways, since it is concerning.
  2. Hi - New to dog parenting here and decided to jump in with 2 adorable male husky pups (Dad's idea) - Shadow and Silver. Brought them home last week and it has been fun since! Of course, I get a LOT of help from my other human child and hubby.
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