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  1. So it’s kind of like lamb jerky? He’s liked the chicken jerky but they’re big pieces I know he’d like the sausages too because he’s prone to stealing the kids hot dogs lol thanks for the suggestions!!
  2. Right on! Thanks! I’ll def call around and see if I can find that
  3. Where would I get those? From a butcher, chop them up myself and dry them out in the oven? .......I could raid a sacrifice!!!! Kidding
  4. We plan on starting mental training and all that fun stuff - what’s a good (inexpensive) treat that we can use?
  5. He hasn’t been checked recently but I honestly think it’s just something against the 19 month old because if the 3 year old lays on him he’s fine.
  6. Lol I was glad to read that him constantly being under our bed was normal!!! Other then that he’s usually rolling around on our laps
  7. There’s been a few times that I’ve caught the kiddo trying to lay on the dog but now if he even tries to just hug the dog he freaks out. They used to be just fine with each other but then it was a total 180. I’m just hoping that things will get better as they both get older. Plus training the pic is from when he first showed up
  8. I’m going to YouTube the mental training. I keep reading about it in other people’s posts. i also want to start trying to teach him tricks. I’ve tried buying him toys but so far he’s not liking any of them. He’ll chase a soccer ball and tackle it a couple times but the end lol He goes on 3-4 40 minute walks every day and I sprint run with him up hill on the way back at night. Unfortunately most of the dog parks around us are usually super busy so he can’t run around there much. But yeah - mental training - I’ll start watching some videos now. Thnx!!
  9. Hey! We’re new to the husky game and it’s definitely been different. This weirdo randomly showed up in our yard and had been on the streets for a bit. Now he’s glued to my side and has even learned the sound of my car pulling up to our apartment lol
  10. Sooo my husband and I are new to the husky game. We don’t know anything about our pup because he just showed up one day in our backyard in Texas. He is chipped and we called and text the numbers with no reply. A month goes by and we’re like yup he’s ours. He’s a great dog. He was suuuuper skinny when he showed up so he must have been on the streets for a bit. He got a long really well with our 3yr old daughter (she even started having less anger issues). Fast forward to now - we’ve moved to Colorado in a bigger apartment but no longer with a back yard. Loki has free range of the apartment
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