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  1. Hello all! Just a quick question, we recently adopted our siberian husky bitch 2 months ago, since then she has settled in great at home with us with some training, but we thought she would like some company so we have recently got a 8 week old shepsky. (german shephard/husky) We decided to introduce the two dogs slowly using baby gates and crate, our little boy is feeling very uncomfortable in the crate so we have took him out and let him use the full run of upstairs via the baby gate.. so our big girl has the full run of downstairs and they are completely safe. They sniff each other through the gate, and mishka (big girl) has been putting her paw on him through the bars but is still very aware of any of his movements, archie(little boy) we can see all he wants to do is play with her. We have brought them into the same room holding the older dog by the collar to slowly introduce more and let them sniff etc.. our puppy will lay on his back and let her do so.. we have also let go of her collar but she is very jumpy.. almost like excitable.. we know that our older dog isnt agressive but we are worried as we do not know if its exctivement or fear as we are uncertain of her history if she has been around other dogs before.. her hackles are raising everytime which she also does when she plays with toys! .. Mostly with the puppy she is with her tail raised side to side/sometimes low.. mouth open almost smiling but stiff , ears risen .. and she is pushing him over with her head..(mouth closed) and leaning her neck onto his body.. She is also whimpering at the puppy and whenever he licks her she jumps back This is our second day and things are quieting down but we just want to make sure we are doing this correctly and safely.. as we want to start off the right way.. PLEASE HELP US 🤣🤣
  2. So how can we kerb this? She is yawning a lot and licking her lips
  3. She was on a chain locked up in the back garden/ in the home.. No life for a dog! Today she has been slightly better and we are trying the yelping although it is being slightly ignored.. Her coat around her ears doesnt as you can see luck as healthy.. How often are yours bathed? And has anyone tried the raw food options? We are going to invest in a behaviourist I think.. And we are from the UK
  4. Not tested for allergies no but she has been to the vets recently.. This wouldn't explain her nibbling us though or attempting to do the same to our faces
  5. Hey all! 😊 I will try keep this brief but informative.. Me & my partner recently purchased mishka a 1-6month old husky girl. Having came from a home with children we thought this was perfect as we have both always wanted one, having collected her she was the perfect husky.. Loads of kisses.. Jumping up as you'd expect now and again and lovely and welcoming in the mornings too.. 3 weeks later and we have a different dog.. She gets more exercise now than she has ever had.. We have a large garden too and she gets plenty of walks.. Recently I noticed some ear scratching & biting of her coat.. So I took her to the vets and they confirmed x2 ear infections.. Her ears have been cleaned and ear drops applied for 7 days now.. Ever since her ear infections and application of the drops she has completely changed. Biting hands when approaching to stroke her, nibbling of arms/face.. Very snappy and even barking.. We are at our whits end.. What can we do This is her now.. As you can see the fur has changed from scratching around the ears.. She just looks completely different.. Unhappy & aggressive
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