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  1. My husky puppy was drinking loads of water (almost 1L per day) and consequently peeing a lot which make it kind of harder to potty trainning him (I'm not exagerating when I say he pees as much as 10 times per day; sometimes he pees a couple of minutes after having already peed on the patio). A couple of days ago I decresed the amount of water available per day to almost half but he keeps bittng the plate asking for more and as soon as I pour some into it (trying to put 100-150ml at a time), he drinks it all at once. Is that normal??? Necessary to mention that the only exercise he gets is 1-2 15min indoors playing sessions per day (partly because he isn't fully vaccinated yet - he has only the first shot and the second coming on May 5th- and partly because of the lockdown due to COVID) which I understand is not a lot of excersice as to demand that much water. At the beginning I thought it was normal to drink a lot of water in order to keep himself hydrated as he had diarrhea for a couple of days and had to take medicine for almost a week; but now the diarrhea is gone and although his poop is still a bit loose, I assume he's not loosing loads of water through stools. Temperature is not a factor either. I rmoved to Mexico City right before the lockdown and the weather is not as hot (50-80° F) and I'm sure the termic sensation within my flat is lower that that. Any insight??? Cheers.
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