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  1. take it off me hands for £150.00 need it gone or ill take the springer walker off as its never been used but haven't got the original box for it ....any offers ?
  2. for sale , only used once to go back to halfords for a 6 week after sale check up spec is ......TRAX TFS2D LIMITED EDITION Alluminium frame ,26in wheels,26x1.50 dsi semi slick tires ( not cheap crap) 18 speed grip shift ,shimano gears ,. Front and back disc brakes, front and back suspension bikehut mudgards front and back (£30 from halfords )bikepump with gauge ,speedo with muticlock (do belive it even tells the temp just hasnt been set up right and a springer side walker thats never been used asking £165.00 Would be an ideal Xmas present as its as new
  3. to be honsest i mad that mistake of not having a semi slip..........i wouldn't dare go back now hun there worth every pennie i payed for them
  4. tim&sky


    well an update , it was a blooper as the next doors akita chewed his way thro a thick rope lead n got to the bitch but.....both parents have history and the akita has a very long history, the sibe should have been kc reg but missed out by a few days but i personally know the breeder where she got her from......same breeder where i got my sky from lol ....all the women is asking for is a fair price as the pup will have first jabs n chipped and heath checks......what would you personally pay ??
  5. personally i would use both semi slip and cool collar on my dog
  6. i have in fact 2 of theses n never go out in the sun without them on....£29.99 thats cheap i paid just under £50 each for mine and they work very well if only for about 3-4hrs and ive taken to soaking then frezzing before putting om my girl but i do highly reconmend them to anybody ............and sid ...can i have a collar in pink please ?
  7. shop on line is going to be your best bet... semi slip collar ...e-bay less than a fiver ....the lead ...well thats up to you
  8. ahhhhhhhhhhh if 1 more person that says "photoshop "or the like id id id sellme camrea lol .....filters are the way
  9. ever thought of the canon eos 1000f or the 450d ? bought my 450d (ex currys demo) at £315.00 inc delivery
  10. tim&sky


    Moderator Note: Removed link to Web site. Violated Rule 6.01 - Animals for Sale
  11. tim&sky


    same site i saw then sara but think if you read it again your find they do all the test on there dogs hence the high price ....
  12. tim&sky


    that is the case of this.........try googling huskitas as it seems there the new breed .....good ole usa pays anything up to $1200 per dog omg!!!!
  13. tim&sky


    hi i was offered 1 of theses the outher day by an owner but when asking for price she couldn't come up with an answer ( pups just turned 12 weeks )......first time ive ever heard of 1 so quite suppride ...anybody know what should be charged ??? thanks
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