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  1. Hi, I own a male Siberian Husky named Loki. He is currently 6months old and weighs 18kg. How much more will he grow and weigh? And when can I expect another growth spurt. Thank you!!
  2. Hi guys I own a male Siberian husky named Loki, he is currently 15 kg and has most of his adult teeth. The only weird thing is he has put a lot of weight but hasn’t grown much in height and length and is pretty small. Is this normal if not what have I done wrong.
  3. It looks bigger in the photos but it’s not
  4. Hi I own a male Siberian husky, he is 5 months only and 2 weeks. He weighs 15 kg and has all his adult teeth. The problem is he still chews and his jawline is so small still. When will his jawline grow
  5. Hi guys I own a 5 month old male Siberian husky he is currently 15kg and just got desexed. When do huskys go through puberty and what will happen
  6. Hi I have a male Siberian husky, he is turning 5 months old tomorrow and I was wondering what the average weight for his age be. He is currently around 12 or 13 kg. thanks!!
  7. The longer i wait the higher chance he will get cancer as it will get too warm where his testicle is and cause cancer
  8. I basically have no choice because my dog suffers from cryptorchidism and I want to know how it affects my puppy’s growth
  9. Hi I own a male husky puppy he is currently 5 months old and very small. He weighs only 12kg. I haven’t noticed any difference he looks the same as size as when he was 4 months and he is almost 6 months. I also want to desex him and heard If you desex a puppy before he hits puberty he will grow more is this true ?I give him a lot of food and nutrition (450 to 500g). he is not even near adult height or weight and he is 6 months in 2 weeks. Also if my dog is 5 months when will he have his next growth spurts. kind regards John
  10. Hi I have a male husky 5 month old and he is very small I feed like 400g of food a day Can someone help
  11. Hi I have a 5 month old husky and the food I’m giving him says 480 grams of food and 115 grams is 1 cup I feel like I’m over feeding him and he is very small someone please help
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