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  1. I am getting a little worried about my 7 month old husky! I feel she is super short & small for her age! She is AKC registered and her parents were on the bigger side. She is just so petite in my eyes. Shes roughly 30 lbs so i feel her weight is fine its just her height im concerned about!
  2. Hey y'all! I have a 16 week old female husky puppy, we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. The first week we had her we tried to crate train her but she was pooping & peeing in the crate & having to have a bath every day sometimes multiple times a day. So we started leaving her in our basement at night, she will poop & pee down there but when it comes to pooping & peeing outside she will not do it. She will occasionally pee outside but in the entire 10 weeks we have had her she has only pooped outside 1 time & that was the first night we brought her home. We take her outside every 30 minutes-an hour & she will pee maybe once or twice a day outside. Within 5 minutes of us bringing her inside though she will pee in the house. Weve tried verbal cues & praise. We say "lets go potty" and she runs to do the door but when it comes to actually doing her business outside she wont do it. Its becoming really frustrating. We have her on a feeding schedule as well and watch for her cues. As soon as she starts sniffing we take her out, still nothing. She literally goes ALL day without pooping. She only poops in the middle of the night in our basement. Peeing though she does anywhere & everywhere within 5 minutes of being taken outside to go. Weve tried staying outside longer to see if that helps but it doesnt. She thinks outside is playtime and wants to chase the birds or wind or whatever. Its just getting to the point where we know she should be really close to being potty trained but shes nowhere near it. We have a 7 month old ridgeback puppy as well & hes been fully potty trained & crate trained since he was 13 weeks old. We thought having him might make it easier to potty train our husky since they are pack dogs but nope no such luck. Weve slowly tried to reintroduce crate training as well & every time shes in the crate she pees in it. No matter what length of time shes in there for. We are losing hope. Shes such a sweet & loving girl but we cant handle all of the accidents. Anybody have any insight that can help us combat our stubborn girl & get her potty & crate trained?
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