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  1. Updating with 7 week photos! Most likely bi eyed still thanks for all ur guesses. With her coat too ♡♡
  2. Yes I agree! I just think any educated guesses would be fun. All of her siblings have definite eye colors now, like brown or blue or bi eyed and they're obvious. Shes keeping it a mystery!
  3. Also feel free to comment what on earth her color is. Shes labeled as a red/white coat. I've seen pups her color turn almost all grey! Her dad is pure white, mom is a copper agouti
  4. This is Minika! She is 6 weeks old almost 7 on Wednesday. Here are photos of her including a close up of her eyes. What color do you think they'll be!! Me and the breeder think maybe bi eyed or parti eye in one. What are your guesses!!? I love how much huskies change it's so exciting. Can u guess right? (Also, no I do not have her yet, she is still with the breeder like she should be until 8 weeks♡)
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