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  1. Thanks very much I made a pen for him and he seems to be enjoying it with the company of our other dog very much! I don’t think I will be neutering anytime soon, if at all. Thanks to both of you for the information and help!
  2. How big of an area would he need?
  3. I live by the highway near a small town, and have started having problems with my husky running off. He always used to stay close to the house but is now 7.5 months old and just wondered into town on me yesterday. I also spend a lot of my time at the farm and have him run off to the neighbours (up to 3-4 miles away) as they have female dogs. I tie him up when I can but I like him to get as much exercise as he can, and as I have long days sometimes, I don't always get the chance to walk him. I tried a shock collar that is suppose to keep him in a certain range but it does not seem to phase him. I'm told to neuter him, but i've read that it can effect his growth? Which i would like him to grow big and strong. And i've also heard it can make them more sensitive to heat/cold? Which is important as it ranges around here from -40 in the winter to +40 in the summer. I also never really wanted to neuter him just as it was a personal preference not too, but i'm starting to think its my only option other then get rid of him unfortunately. I've looked into setting up a fenced off area for him, but not sure how big it would need to be or if he would be very happy with it. Also if I neuter him will he for sure stop running off? Any suggestions?
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