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  1. @2Huskyfun when she was younger I thought the same thing, he disagreed, still gave her antibiotics but nothing much changed. shes great through the night! Won’t wake up to until it’s been about 8-9 hours so I know she can hold it
  2. We have a 6 month old female husky. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. We have another dog, a 4 year old Malamute. She definitely take his lead and follows suite, but is having difficulty with potty training. We are taking her out as soon as she wakes up, before & after she eats, after she plays, after a nap, after water, every couple hours-we take her to a small coral in the yard and use the same encouraging phrase. Outside of the corral she gets too distracted but sometimes now hesitates to go in the corral. If she does not go when outside, she will often come back in and immediately pee. Typically, she pees in the house in the midst of playing and does not always have a ‘tell’ - she will be walking (nose not sniffing) as she typically does, stop and pee, then continue playing. Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes very little. If we take her in the middle of playing to pee, she will not go but will immediately once back inside She also will pause eating to pee then continue eating. She does well in the crate, but when crated to eat, she flips out, flips the bowl, and will not eat- My fear is she will hurt herself flipping out in the crate. We are trying a stricter crating schedule (on day 2) for when we are out of the room not watching her but any suggestions, especially for the mid-play peeing would be appreciated!!
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