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  1. I have a very hard time on knowing what to feed my huskies. I have a girl who weighed 40 ibs when she was a year and now she’s 1 year and 3 months. I fed her a lot compared to what you guys are feeding yours. She’s eating 3 1/2cups a day now. And my boy weighed 72 lbs at 9 months and he’s now 1 year as of 6 days ago and looks a lot bigger than he did when I weighed him before. But he’s getting 5 to 6 cups a day. And if they exercise I add a cup. But they still look skinny. I feed them puppy authority from petsmart. What’s your opinions? Should I slow the amount of food down or not? I’m spending 43$ every two weeks on their feed and if I slow down the amount it could save us money to where I can go to buffalo or something a lot better.
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