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    I'm 24, living in rural, beautiful forested New Hampshire. I've been married 3 years and we just had our first son: a 4-month old husky we adopted from Mexico named OXXO (after the Mexican convenient store). If you are the praying type, please pray for us. I had no idea what we were in for.
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    reading/writing, hiking, music, film, photography, running, fashion, duduk-playing, and dogs

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  1. Hey, there. My name is Rachel and I'm 24. I currently live in rural New Hampshire (USA) with my husband. We've been married about 3 years and just had our first kid: a husky puppy we adopted from Mexico named Oxxo. (Named after a Mexican convenience store we frequented for snacks.) He is not technically a rescue but his adoption did involve a Facebook comment, a shady basement in Guadalajara, a last minute decision to fly home with a puppy, and a forged vet document from a slightly intoxicated veterinarian. Kind of par for the course in Mexico. I am not a first time dog owner, but my firs
  2. Thanks, everyone! I'm still not quite sure what he is...maybe wolf grey? His fur seems creamy on his legs but white on his belly. I guess I'll just wait and see when he gets older!
  3. https://ibb.co/16mG66W Hi, there! I recently adopted a 9-week old husky puppy. I've noticed that he does not look the same as other huskies I've seen -- in fact, I contacted the guy I bought him from to ask if he was actually pure-bred. He had so many brown patches on him, I started to think maybe he was part shepherd or something. The guy said he is pure bred, but the mother is agouti. Is it possible that's why my puppy looks different? I think he's adorable, and I know his pelt will change more as he ages, I'm just curious to know what his colouring is! https://ibb.co
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