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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to get on here and ask advice from everyone. I have a two year old female husky, Nova. She is fixed and 45 lbs. I just rescued a one year old female husky a couple days ago, Sky. She is fixed and 35 lbs. My current husky is so high energy. The listing for Sky said she was high energy. I thought, perfect match! Well, Nova is just so, so excited and going crazy. The new husky is so shy and timid, she does not want to play and only wants to sleep and cuddle with me and my boyfriend. I know some of her stress is from the transition of going from her foster home, to spending a couple days in the kennel (foster family went away for weekend and we could not coordinate a meet and greet with volunteer), then arriving here to a very excited sister. Every day has gotten better and better, but there is still the thought in the back of my mind about two females possibly never getting along. So, onto the behavior of the two. My current husky sees any movement of new husky as a "sign" to play and immediately runs to her and starts to wrestle. The new husky is not into playing. Sky snarls. Then Nova gives her bumps, and it ends up into a little fight. There has not been too many yelps but they are vocal. There has not been any injuries or blood. It has just been on repeat Nova trying to play, and Sky saying no. Sky will be sleeping and if we hold Nova, they will sleep next to each other. But it has been a very tiring few days of constant scraps and telling Nova "no" because she doesn't want to play. Once they are tired, they can sleep a few feet from each other and the house goes quiet. They have no issues on walks, they do very very well with that. I am starting to get worried about if they are both too dominant and it will never end. I've seen Nova hovering and leaning on Sky. Today, to my surprise, Sky tried to hump Nova. My stomach is sick because this is what I read about. Please let me know your honest advice, I want what is best for the dogs.
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