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  1. I watched a bunch of dogwhisperer, like 90% or more of my source info for training. After watching a few seasons its just a simple formula repeated over for every dog for every issue, used in conjunction with an understading of how dogs think and it works if the formula is followed. I only ever known it to fail on two occasions when done properly, both times were british bulldogs. Well it has worked for me anyway for every dog Ive had since it was a thing. It wont work if you dont follow the formula (some people are unwilling to give up treating there dog like a human) or if you dont be
  2. My boy is sibe/am staff and does the same approach, a creepy, focused low stalkey thing. Its a super bad look and puts the other dogs at the park on edge. I've had Duke since he was 3, he had an "out the backyard and ignored" life and wasn't even groomed so the adjustment from lunging aggressively at joggers to being able to walk off lead under the right conditions has been rewarding, but it takes dedication, consistency. I dont have the answer to why the stalking, I manage my expectations and accept most dogs will have some quirky behavior and I for one think thats a good thing. Being unpredi
  3. I just got phone call saying the complete thyroid panel shows nothing abnormal. I should sleep easier tonight.
  4. Forgot to mention I had started on a zinc citrate supplement but only got 1 in before the antibiotics and vet says to wait till after hes finished the course before continuing with it.
  5. Hi Y'all, Duke has been staying with his grandparents the last couple of nights as a way to try eliminate any environmental factors as a possible trigger. He has started a short course of antibiotics also, a bit of a shot in the dark but on evaluating his blood work the vet said his C-reactive protein CRP value is elevated which indicates an inflammatory response but to what isn't clear. Otherwise hes been well and improving for now. I will start keeping a diary of any unusual activity or symptomatic behavior as suggested #wolfpup. Interestingly I read an article by one owner who is adamant
  6. Thanks for your replies, I have had a look into dog seizures and it does seems to fit what happened to duke. Maybe i missed the actual seizure and only witnessed the post-ictal part, or i didnt recognize what has been happening as seizures. Some videos of focal seizures on YT i dont think i would have recognized if it was happening right in-front of me. The second opinion was no better than the first, I organized for duke to be seen by a call out vet at my parents house while i was at work. I left note explaining same thing i posted here, a copy of bloodtest and I called to make sure
  7. my husky duke has been experiencing these symptoms for a week and im freaking out. first started with manic/hyper episode, he looked disturbed and couldnt settle. it was out of the blue. then lethargic, unwilling to get up, glassy distant look in his eyes, runny nose, no appetite for food and water. he got better fast over the next day and 24 hrs later was 100%. then a day after that the same thing again but worse. hes so out of character and looks miserable. bloodwork is normal, has been on iv fluids earlier this week but no improvement for very long after second episode. im going to another
  8. my husky duke has been experiencing the same symptoms for a week and im freaking out. hes so out of character and looks miserable. bloodwork is normal, has been on iv fluids earlier this week but no improvement for very long. im going to another vet for second opinion (for lack of a better word-first vet just said doesnt know whats wrong) but ive researched for days and cant figure this out. has anyone experienced this and might know whats going on with him? in the evenings he looks confused and i wonder if he recognizes me or hallucinating. hes only 7 yo
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