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  1. Hi all, Me and my boyfriend got a Siberian husky puppy this past summer (Athena). She is 8.5 months old now. We have had a lot of problems with figuring out her digestive problems. She had straight up liquid diarrhea for months after we brought her home. The vet we have been using has not been helpful. All they wanted to do was test for parasites over and over and keep throwing a bunch of different foods at us ($100+ bags of food at that). For the past few months she has been eating the Hill's prescription diet z/d formula, which she has mostly had firm stools since being on it. But she is definitely not over the moon for this food. The vet told us we would have to feed her this specific food and the treats that line up with the formula, for the rest of her life and absolutely nothing else. I just got her an appointment at a different vet, so I am going to see what he says as well. But since reading through this forum, I have found that a lot of huskies have stomach problems. Our current vet steared us away from doing allergy testing, telling us that it was very expensive, yet they want us to buy her this prescription diet which is $100 per bag. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
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