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  1. HELP!! I have a 9month old, Kida, and she she was an amazing eater until 2 months ago. Now not only is that...she has diarrhea on-off We were giving her Merrick puppy and since she totally ate every treat we gave her, we thought it was just boredom. So we changed our strong-willed husky to Instinct. Did amaaaaazing for a week and now its got to the same. We had this strict schedule that if she did not eat in 30mins ... it was taken away. Now we just leave her food in the plate for her to finish through the day. But we sometimes have to toss it bc some foods just don´t do well sitting at a plate all day/night. I heard portions might be an issue so her portions are: 9am- 2 cups and 9 pm 2 cups. + any treats + all the water she wants So.... we're taking her to the vet today. But i would love to hear ideas or advice. Alex
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