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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice my husky just turned one and he has a testicle that still hasn’t descended. The vets here have all encouraged me to neuter him but the surgery will be very invasive as they will have to cut into his abdomen. His temper is amazing and he’s such a good boy. I really don’t want to put him through this. Am I doing the right thing by not neutering him? Any advice would be much appreciated thanks!
  2. Hey guys so I’ve been dying to get my husky.. problem is my family is allergic mom, brothers, nephews etc and Also my mom suffers from asthma. I’m getting my own place and the plan was to get my husky but after thinking about it, I wouldn’t be able to really have my family over or have them watch my pup if I go away. It’s kind of like a family or the dog situation, I’ve been infatuated with huskies all my life, my first dog was a husky but he lived outside full time (you could do those things in the 80s) he loved it and never even wanted to be in the house. But anyway I’ve been dying for the m
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