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  1. Chelsea she’s eating like she normally does. No fever. I am trying to keep food in her tummy, As I am wondering if it has to do with acid reflux, but she’s such a picky eater She’s been on this food for 4 yrs. We will talk to new vet about xrays maybe next. Just hoping for ideas in case others have had similar situations oh and she’s been getting progressively worse. Started in November
  2. Our son’s Siberian has always been small and needs a special diet due to sensitive stomach. She now has a terrible hacking cough . Vet said not kennel cough. Maybe allergies. She’s 4 yrs old. They put her on allergy pills but I’m not seeing any difference since she came here a week ago. Makes my heart hurt hearing her. She has gagged until she’s vomited phlegm. You can tell she’s unhappy. Any one have suggestions? Should we worry about cancer? How do we test for that? I don’t want to scare our son as Nala is everything to him. He’ll be getting a new vet, as they just moved out of the area wher
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