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    Just adopted a 6 month old Husky from a local shelter. First family dog, and would like to know how to meet his needs. We have a home with a toddler, baby, and newborn on the way this summer. Will need all the knowledge I can get so he can be a normal member of our home.
  1. Hello, what routines do your huskies have that meet their needs so they can respond to house-training and have times where they can be indoors to relax. I am personally seeing issues with my feeding routine, exercise, and time where my pet can have social time with us. House-training has been a drag because we started him off with a pee-pad indoors. It now is very slow to help him understand he has to go outside to go bathroom. I also have him outdoors for now, and bring him in only to house-train him. I have two children under the age of 2 and while they have needs my dog can easily pee on the floor and it would be a missed opportunity to train him. I did notice he is a very social creature and does not only want to be indoors but in the same room as me. He also doesn't even like the cold and just wants to run around inside and lay on our couch. Any advice? My children give me from 1-3 hour span where I can either train the dog or do house chores. Anyones personal stories or advice will be very helpful. Photo from day 1 he came home from adoption poor little thing was sad from being neutered. He is a great dog and deserves proper training as he is very smart.
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