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    Just adopted a 6 month old Husky from a local shelter. First family dog, and would like to know how to meet his needs. We have a home with a toddler, baby, and newborn on the way this summer. Will need all the knowledge I can get so he can be a normal member of our home.
  1. Hello, what routines do your huskies have that meet their needs so they can respond to house-training and have times where they can be indoors to relax. I am personally seeing issues with my feeding routine, exercise, and time where my pet can have social time with us. House-training has been a drag because we started him off with a pee-pad indoors. It now is very slow to help him understand he has to go outside to go bathroom. I also have him outdoors for now, and bring him in only to house-train him. I have two children under the age of 2 and while they have needs my dog can easily pee on th
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